Common Techniques to Calibrate Thermocouples

How Can I Know When Was the Last Time a Thermocouple Has Been Calibrated?

There is no surefire way to determine the last service of a thermocouple from its physical appearance. However, industries keep a log of parts that have undergone calibration and the ones scheduled for future maintenance.

Thermocouples should be calibrated when:

  • Their calibration cycle is due.
  • Their performance comes into question.
  • When subjected to unexpected or unusual operating conditions.

Thermocouples should be changed when:

  • The thermocouple exhibits an open circuit.
  • When an ungrounded thermocouple exhibits low electrical isolation from the sheath or housing.
  • If there is any damage to a thermocouple due to mechanical forces.
  • The sheath is compromised due to corrosion or oxidation.
  • When calibration identifies deviation of the accuracy outside of the specifications.

Quality Certifications of Thermocouples

With a temperature change, a standard thermocouple gives a reading that corresponding to the temperature change. However, how can we verify that what we see is reliable? To sort this issue, we adhere to international standards that are put in place to provide a reference for measurements. ISO and NIST are among the most widely renowned standards used to gauge the performance of thermocouples. We provide calibration services that adhere to international standards. Contact us for your thermocouple calibration requirements and experience top of the line service and unparalleled work quality.



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