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Low Flow Electromagnetic Flow MeterLow Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Low Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Measures Flow from 0.5 l/min. No Moving Parts. No Flow Obstructions. Maintenance-Free. Fast Response Time (< 500 ms). Minimal Straight Pipe…
What is a mass flow meter and how does it work?

What is a mass flow meter and how does it work?

A thermal mass flow meter measures the flow rate of gas mass based on the convective heat transfer of a heated surface to the flowing fluid. The components of a basic thermal mass flow meter include two temperature sensors with an electric heater between them. The heater can protrude into the fluid stream or can be external to the pipe.

In the past, mass flow was often calculated from the outputs of a volumetric flow meter and a densitometer. Density was either directly measured, or was calculated using the outputs of process temperature and pressure transmitters...