Omega Link communication interfaces enable wired and wireless communication of Smart Interfaces to the Omega Link Smart Gateway to transfer application data directly into the cloud.

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Wireless Universal Smart Probe InterfaceWireless Universal Smart Probe Interface

Wireless Universal Smart Probe Interface

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Robust Long-Range Sub GHz Communications. Modular M12 Connectivity with Omega Link Smart Probes. Wireless Communication up to 3.2 km. IP65…
Upgrade Legacy Systems to IIoT and Achieve More

Upgrade Legacy Systems to IIoT and Achieve More

Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT is a prerequisite for industries looking to embrace digital transformation. It is through this connected ecosystem that businesses gain increased visibility in their processes, ensure equipment uptime, perform predictive maintenance, and increase productivity and profitability.

However, realizing these benefits through smart factory initiatives is more challenging than it may seem. The most common obstacle is collecting operational data from legacy machines and communicating that data to the cloud...