iServer 2 - Simplifying Monitoring for Everyone

Omega Engineering’s iServer 2 brings you an easy-to-use solution for tracking temperature, humidity, and pressure, ideal for any environment, from office buildings to industrial sites. The iServer 2 acts as your dedicated monitoring assistant, continuously checking and recording environmental data. With its large internal storage, you can keep data records securely for up to ten years.

Setup is straightforward: plug in the power and the included sensor, and it immediately starts monitoring, displaying real-time data on the screen allowing you to see trends and patterns at a glance. Designed with simplicity in mind, the iServer 2 allows anyone to access detailed reports, adjust settings, or receive alerts for issues, all with just a few clicks.

Benefits of the iServer 2 

● easy tracking of essential environmental conditions
● historical data access at your fingertips for complete oversight
● immediate alerts to ensure you can respond quickly to any changes
● durable design for industrial use yet simple enough for everyday monitoring
● dual probe functionality

The iServer 2 supports a wide range of sensors and is versatile enough for various settings, ensuring optimal conditions are consistently maintained.

iServer 2 web user interface

Discover how the iServer 2 can simplify your monitoring tasks

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