OC505 series calibrators offer the simulation of thermocouples types J, K, N, R, S, T, B, E, as well as the simulation of resistance thermometers in the range -200 to 850°C, including the simulation of resistance up to 3 kOhms. For process signals, a current calibrator 0 to 22 mA can be used in active and passive mode, as well as a voltage calibrator 0 to 25 V, mV ranges 0 to 27 mV and 0 to 540 mV. Measurements can be made using the multimeter function in the ranges ±2 Vdc to ±200 Vdc and 0 to 100 mA.

The calibrators also have the function of measuring fast transients, and the OC505-D is equiped with a datalogger function. The generated calibrator signal and the measured signal at the multimeter input will be stored as tables with date and time added. The data can be transferred to a PC, shown as tables and handled under Windows.

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