1 & 2 Channel Thermocouple Temperature Meter - Number of inputs: 2, Input type: thermocouple K, J, T, E, Features: none

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Calibration of Temperature (accredited, 100-1100°C)

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Easy to Use Thermocouple Themometers. Large 3 1/2" Digit Display. Single and Dual Input Units. °C/°F Selectable. Data Storage. More

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The HH800A, HH801A and HH801B series handhelds are easy to use type K, J or K, J, T, E input thermocouple thermometers. All models feature a large 3 1/2" digit LCD with a maximum reading of 1999.

The HH800A is a single-input model while the HH801A has two inputs and allows for display of T1, T2 or T1-T2. Both models feature T/C offset adjustment and are °C/°F switchable. The HH800A and HH801A also have data storage capability and accept J or K Type thermocouples.

The HH801B offer most of the features of the HH801A, but they accept K, J, T, E thermocouple types. Both units feature settable Hi/Lo limits for both inputs and have an integral alarm beeper. The HH801B also features three displays for simultaneous viewing of both inputs and the differential.

If you are interested in temperature calibration, also select the appropriate temperature probes for the required number of channels.


Temperature Scale: Celsius or Fahrenheit, user selectable
Measurement Range:
K Type: -100°C to 1372°C, (-150°F to 1999°F)
J Type: -100°C to 1200°C, (-150°F to 1999°F)
Resolution: 1 degree or 0.1 degree from -59.9 to 199.9 degree °C or °F (auto ranging).
Accuracy: Accuracy @ 23°C ±5°C, for 1 year, not including thermocouple error.
±(0.1% rdg + 1°C) on °C
±(0.1% rdg + 2°F) on °F
Input Protection: 24V dc or 24V ac rms maximum input voltage on any combination of input pins.

Measurement Range:
K Type: -200°C to 1372°C, -328°F to 1999°F
J Type: -210°C to 1200°C, -346°F to 1999°F
T Type: -200°C to 400°C, -328°F to 752°F
E Type: -220°C to 1000°C, -364°F to 1832°F
Auto range: 0.1°C/1°C, 0.1°F/1°F
Accuracy: Accuracy @ 23°C ±5°C, for 1 year, not including thermocouple error.
±(0.1%rdg+1°C) on -60°C to 1372°C
±(0.1%rdg+2°C) on -60°C to -220°C
±(0.1%rdg+2°F) on -76°F to 1999°F
±(0.1%rdg+4°F) on -76°F to -364°F

Reading Rate: 1 time per second
Input Connector: Accepts standard miniature thermocouple plugs (flat blades spaced 7.9mm, centre to centre)
Battery: 1.5V x 4pcs AAA size
Auto Power Off: Approximately 20 minutes

HH800_spec_sheet.pdf (pdf, 610.8 kB)
HH801A_en_manual.pdf (pdf, 318.9 kB)
HH801B_en_manual.pdf (pdf, 357.5 kB)