1/8 DIN Multi-Function Panel Meter - Output: no output, Communication: MODBUS RTU

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Fast Access Menu—Front Key Access to Modify the Alarm Setpoints and Max/Min Memory. External Control Function—Contact at Multifunctional Terminal 5 (Second Scaling, Decimal Point Change, ‘Hold’ the Reading or Activate the Max/Min Memory). Automatic, Power Saving Eco Mode. Alarms 1 or 2, Independent, Configurable as Max/Min, with Setpoint and Hysteresis. Reading Offset—Configure a Fixed Number of Counts to be Added to the Reading. Second Scaling Function—Define Two Scalings for the Same Signal and Control (One is Active with the ‘External Control’ Option). Recursive Display Filter for Noisy Signals and Configurable Steps for Minimum Predefined Changes on the Reading. Output and Control Options: 1 or 2 Relay Outputs, 1 Analog 4 to 20 mA Isolated Output, Modbus RTU Isolated Serial Comm's. IP65 Front Panel. 5 Levels of Brightness Intensity. Password Protection. Optional Wall-Mount or Bench-Top Enclosures. More

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OMEGA’s new universal panel meter DP20 delivers high performance in a 1/8 DIN size for panel mount, and integration in a wide range of applications. The DP20 accepts universal inputs, including thermocouple, RTD, process (mA & Vdc), resistance, and true RMS voltage and current. By configuration, it will work as an AC and DC voltmeter (up to 600 V) and AC and DC ammeter (up to 5 A) offering application flexibility for process control and industrial requirements. A single universal power supply 18 to 265 Vac/dc allows this unit to be suited for global use.

The optional relays, analog output, and Modbus® RTU serial communications provide customization, control and communication capability. Additional features of the economical DP20 panel meter include scaling, IP65 protection, and programmable decimal points.


Digits: 4
Reading: 9999 / -1999
Decimal Point: Configurable
LED Colour: Red
Digit Height: 14 mm
Accepted Signal Ranges: See tables on pdf page 4 for more information
    AC Voltages and AC Currents: 600 Vac, 200 Vac, 20 Vac, 2 Vac, 200 mVac, 60 mVac, 5 Aac, 20 mAac (True RMS measure) (accepts phase-neutral and phase-phase measure)
    DC Voltages and DC Currents: ±600 Vdc, ±200 Vdc, ±20 Vdc, ±2 Vdc, ±200 mVdc, ±60 mVdc, ±5 Adc, ±20 mAdc
Thermocouples: K, J, E, N, L, R, S, B, T and C (automatic cold junction compensation)
    Resistive ‘Pt’ Probes: Pt100 with 2 and 3 wires, Pt500, Pt1000
    Resistive ‘Ni’ Probes: Ni100, Ni200, Ni1000
    Resistive NTC Probes: See table at page 4
    Resistive PTC Probes: Families KTY-121, KTY-210 and KTY-220
Process: 4/20 mA, 0/10 Vdc (+15 Vdc excitation voltage configurable at terminal 5)
Resistances: Ranges 0/5 kΩ and 0/50 kΩ
Potentiometers: With nominal values from 500 Ω up to 20 kΩ
Thermal Drift Offset+Span: 150 ppm/ºC
Read rate: 3 readings/second
Response Time: <300 mSec. (0 % to 99 % of signal)
Power: 18 to 265 Vac/dc (isolated 1500 Veff @ 60 seconds)
Output and Control Options:
    1 or 2 Relays
    1 Analog output 4/20 mA isolated
    MODBUS RTU isolated serial communications
Protection: IP65 (NEMA 4)
Consumption (Normal Mode): <1.0 W (meter only) <2.5 W (meter with options)
Consumption (‘Eco’ Mode): <0.3 W (meter only) <1.5 W (meter with options)
Connections: Plug-in screw terminals
Weight: <150 g
Operation Temperature: 0 to 50 ºC

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.

DP20_en_spec_sheet.pdf (pdf, 256.1 kB)
DP20_en_quick_start.pdf (pdf, 440.1 kB)
DP20_en_manual.pdf (pdf, 1.3 MB)