4 points Non-Reversible Horizontal Temperature Label - Maximum temperature: 204°C, Minimum temperature: 121°C, Pack of: 30 pcs

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OMEGA Engineering

Four temperature points on each label. 4A have 10°F between each rating. 4B have 25°F between each rating. 4C have 50°F between each rating. Sold in Packs of 10 and 30. Many temperature ranges available. More

Item# (PN): 4C-A-250-30 Shipping and Payment

4A, 4B and 4C series provides a wide variety of different temperature ranges to cover various applications. These labels are non-reversible and have 4 different temperature points. The labels give information about the highest temperature reached. There are 10 and 30 quantity pack options available. How can the labels be stored? Store the labels in a refrigerator inside a sealed bag for labels rated below 120°F/50°C. Store products rated above 120°F/50°C at room temperature and humidity. (i.e. 20°C & 50% relative humidity).

New label design is easier to read and offers more visibility.


Four temperature ratings on each label:
4A have 10°F between each rating
4B have 25°F between each rating
4C have 50°F between each rating