6 points Non-Reversible Temperature Monitors - Temperature: 38 až 66 °C, Division: 13,9°C between ratings, Pack of: 10 pcs

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OMEGA Engineering

Packs of 10 and 30 pcs. Six Temperature Ratings on Each Label. Model 6MA - 5.6°C between each rating. Model 6MB - 13.9°C between each rating. 32 x 10 mm Actual Size. 0.4 x 3 mm Indicating Window. More

Item# (PN): 6MB-A-100/38 Shipping and Payment

6 temperature ratings on each label:

Model 6MA: 5.6°C (10°F) between each rating
Model 6MB: 13.9°C (25°F) between each rating

Actual Size: 32 x 10 mm (1.3 x 0.4")
Indicating Window: 0.4 x 3 mm (0.02 x 0.13")

6M_LABELS_spec_sheet.pdf (pdf, 322.6 kB)