Bolt On Washer Thermocouple

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Thermocouple Calibration (accredited, 100-1100°C)


J, K, T, and E Thermocouple. New Rugged Design. For M3.5, M4, M4.5 and M6 Screw Sizes. Made from 0.8 mm Dia. Glass-On-Glass or PFA-Insulated Class 1 Tolerance Wire. Stocked in 300 mm, 600 mm, 1.0 m, and 1.5 m Lengths with Stripped End Leads. Rated up to 480°C for Glass-On-Glass Insulation. Rated up to 260°C for PFA Insulation. Special Lead Lengths. Thermocouple Connectors in lieu of Stripped End Leads. More

A versatile thermocouple assembly that easily mounts to a variety of surfaces. Suitable for a number of surface temperature measurement applications where fixed mounting is possible.

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.

Comes with bare stripped ends as standard. You can order the probe, including the installation of connectors. Put the required connectors in the basket together with the probe. If needed, order the required connectors separately, see "Related Products" below.


Washer Dimensions:
M3.5 and M4 screw size: 22 L x 6.5 mm W
M4.5 and M6 screw size: 25 L x 9 mm W

Rated up to 480°C for Glass-On-Glass Insulation.
Rated up to 260°C for PFA Insulation

Option Descriptions:

(1) Thermocouple Type select from:
J for J Thermocouple
K for K Thermocouple
T for T Thermocouple (maximum temperature is 260°C regardless of insulation)
E for E Thermocouple

(2) Screw Size select from:
6 for M3.5 Screw Size
8 for M4 Screw Size
10 for M4.5 Screw Size
14 for M6 Screw Size

(3) Thermocouple Length select from:
M300 for 300 mm
M600 for 600 mm
1M for 1 m
1.5M for 1.5 m

(4) Insulation select from:
Nothing(leave field blank) for Glass Fibre
-TT for PFA

Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.