Cement-On Very Fast Response Surface Thermocouples - Thermocouple type: K, Measuring end type: style 2, Lenght: 15 cm (6")

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Thermocouple Calibration (accredited, 100-1100°C)

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Response Time in Milliseconds. Made from 0.005" Foil and 0.010" Diameter Thermocouple Wire. Very Low Thermal Inertia. Four Styles Ideal for Surface Measurement. Please contact for custom sensor length. More

OMEGA introduces its Cement-On, fast response Foil Thermocouples for fast surface temperature measurement applications in three convenient styles. Styles 1, 2 are made from 0.005" thermocouple alloy & Style 1- B made by 0.008"  by a special process where the butt welded thermocouple junction  Styles 1, and 2 are flat, extremely low inertia construction and are an ideal means of measuring the temperature of both flat and curved metals, plastic and ceramic surfaces where very fast response is desired.

OMEGA's Cement-On Style 1,1-B and 2 Foil Thermocouples are fabricated from ANSI SLE "Special Limits of Error" grade thermocouple materials in "K", "E" and "T" calibrations and yield accurate temperature indication when used with standard thermocouple instrumentation. Styles 1, 1-B and 2 have the fastest response. Style 3 is an economy version constructed from 0.010" diameter bead welded standard limit of error thermocouple wire. It should be used where extremely fast response is not essential.

Design of measuring ends:

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.

Comes with bare stripped ends as standard. You can order the probe, including the installation of connectors. Put the required connectors in the basket together with the probe. If needed, order the required connectors separately, see "Related Products" below.