Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

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Reliable 3-Electrode Amperometric Sensor. Replaceable Sensor Cartridge. Sensor Membrane Puncture/Tear Diagnostic. Microprocessor Based System. Large Dual Display Format. Loop Powered, Fully Isolated. More

The microprocessor-based transmitter DOTX-45 is loop powered and fully isolated for high reliability. The transmitter includes devices that protect the system from power surges and brownout events.  The large, high-contrast, super-twist display is readable over a wide operating temperature range, even in low-light conditions. The main display line consists of large, segmented characters with measurement units. The secondary display line displays calibration and diagnostic messages in readable dot-matrix characters. Two of four measured parameters can be displayed simultaneously. Programming is intuitive, with a 4-button, menu-driven interface. The 4 to 20 mA transmitter output can be configured to represent any portion of the measurement range.

The DOE-45PA dissolved oxygen sensor is a highly dependable membrane covered galvanic sensor. The polymer membrane has hydrophobic properties to help resist fouling from biological growth and maximize diffusion of oxygen into the sensor. The DOE-45PA also has automatic temperature compensation to correct for membrane permeability errors.

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.