Economical Non-Reversible Temperature Indicating Labels

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Packs of 10 sheets with 21 labels per sheet. Temperature ranges from 38 to 260 °C. Easy-To-Use. Guaranteed Accuracy and Reliability. More

OMEGALABEL™ is a self-adhesive temperature monitor consisting of a heat-sensitive indicator sealed under a transparent heat-resistant window. The indicator circle turns from light grey to black at the temperature rating shown on the card. Colour change is not reversible and provides a temperature history of the surface being monitored. To serve as a permanent record, the OMEGALABEL™ can be removed and attached to an inspection report.

OMEGALABEL™ accuracy is guaranteed to be within +/- 2% of temperature rating. The Series 21 OMEGALABEL™ is conveniently mounted on sheets (21 per sheet) for fast, on-the-spot application by just peeling them off one at a time. The adhesive backing easily adheres to any clean, dry surface.

Requirements Estimator:

Packs Sheets Labels
1 pc 10 210
3 pcs 30 630
5 pcs 50 1050
10 pcs 100 2100
20 pcs 200 4200
30 pcs 300 6300
50 pcs 500 10500