Integral Cable RTD Probes with Class A Accuracy Sanitary

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1/4" Diameter Pt100 Probe Design for Standard Duty, or 3/8" to 3/16" Stepped Probe Design For Heavy Duty Applications. Probe Lengths of 3", 4", 5" and 6" Available From Stock, Other Lengths Also Available. Process Connection is a 1½"-16 AMP Tri-Grip™ (Tri-Clamp® Compatible) Standard, Other Sizes and Styles Available. Flanges Conform to ASME BPE-2007 Standard to Assure Trouble Free Interchangeability. Pt100 Sensor Can be Used in Sanitary, Hygienic and Clean-In-Place Food, Dairy, Beverage and BioPharmaceutical Processes. 316L SS Wetted Surfaces with 32 µinch or Better Surface Finish. 4-Conductor, 120" Long PFA Cable with Molded Nylon Strain Relief Standard. -50 to 200°C Temperature Range. 4-Wire Pt100 Class A Platinum RTD Sensor (100.00±0.06Ω at 0°C) Standard. Compatible with 3-Wire and 2-Wire Pt100 RTD Instruments and Transmitters. More

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This OMEGA Sanitary Temperature Sensor containes a PT100 Platinum RTD element and is designed for use in Food, Dairy, Beverage and BioPharmaceutical Clean-In-Place (CIP) type applications. The Pt100 sensor includes a 1½" 16AMP process connection that conforms to ASME BPE-2007 for easy installation using industry standard gaskets and clampsStandard Duty sensors are available with ¼" diameter probes, and Heavy Duty sensors are available with a stepped 38" to 316" diameter probe. This Pt100 sensor is provided with a 120" long, 4-conductor, #26AWG stranded nickel plated copper, PFA insulated and jacketed cable with a strain relief for convenient connection to control or monitoring equipment.

Food process hygienic Pt100 temperature sensors can be used to aid food safety inspection compliance and verification of time temperature control. Combined with a chart recorder model CTXL you can temperature monitor a CCP ( Critical Control Point) or sanitation time and move toward a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) compliance plan.

In addition to the standard 1½-16AMP process connection, these Pt100 can be provided in the following sizes and styles:

Process Connection Model Number Code
3/4"-16AMP -B1-
1" and 1½"-16AMP -D1-
2"-16AMP -E1-
2½"-16AMP -F1-
3"-16AMP -G1-
4"-16AMP -H1-

If you need a process connection that is not listed above, please contact our sales department for availability.

These OMEGA Pt100 sanitary sensors are supplied standard as 4-wire assemblies with two red wires and two white wires. When used in 3-wire applications, cut off one white wire making sure that it will not contact any terminals or metal surfaces (note: twisting the two white wires together will reduce the lead wire resistance on one side of the sensing element by half adversely affecting the accuracy of the reading). When used in 2-wire applications, cut off one white wire and one red wire (note: in 2-wire applications, twisting the two same-colored wires together at the terminals will not adversely affect your Pt100 sensor accuracy since both wires will be affected by the reduction in resistance).

These sensors are also available in Thermistor and Thermocouple styles to accommodate any process input requirement.

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