Low Frequency Accelerometer - Sensor type: top connection

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Measures very low frequencies down to 0,5 Hz. Compact for installation in virtually any space. Hermetically sealed. Rugged (IP66/IP67) and corrosion resistant design. More

Item# (PN): AS-667 Shipping and Payment

AS-667 and AS-668 acceleration sensors operates according to the piezo-electric principle. A piezo-element and an internal sensor mass form a spring-mass system in the sensor.

If this system is subjected to vibrations the mass produces an alternating force on the piezo element. As a result of the piezo effect an electrical charge is produced that is proportional to vibration acceleration. An integrated amplifier converts this charge signal into a usable voltage signal.


Bias Voltage: 9 to 12 Vdc
Capacity: 5000 g
Connection: M12 plug, male, 4-pole
Environmental Rating: IP66/IP67
Frequency range: 0.5 Hz to 13 kHz (± 3 dB)
Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Linearity: < 1 %
Maximum Output Voltage: 27 V
Measuring Range: ±60 g
Nominal Sensitivity at 80 Hz: 100 mV/g
Output Resistance: 100 Ω
Overload Capacity - Constant: 500 g
Resonant Frequency (Typical): 30 kHz
Sensitivity Accuracy: ± 10%
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to 125 °C
Storage Temperature Range: -20 to 70 °C

Mounting Screw: ISO 4762 M6x30 / ¼“-28UNFx29
Mounting Torque:
3.5 Nm width across flats: 22 mm
Apx. Weight:
120 g

Mounting Screw: ISO 4762 M6x30 / ¼“-28UNFx30
Mounting Torque: 3.5 Nm width across flats: 22 mm
Apx. Weight: 175 g

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.