Precision Thermistor Sensors for AirTemperature Measurements

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Ideal for Measuring Air Temperatures in Laboratories and Laminar Flow Systems. Metal or Plastic Cage Provides Protection for Thermistor Sensor While Leaving it Open to the Air Flow. Thermistor Element is Epoxy Coated and Extends Into the Air Flow for Fast Temperature Response. ON-905 and ON-906 Models Available with Resistances of 2252 Ω, 3000 Ω, 5000 Ω, 10.000 Ω and 30.000 Ω at 25°C. ON-405 and ON-406 Available with 2252 Ω at 25°C Only. More

The exposed thermistor element with protective cage design makes this an ideal selection for the measurement and control of air and gas streams in a variety of applications. The protective cage is available in plastic or metal.

ON-905 and ON-906 models are available in five electrical resistance specifications (2252, 3000, 5000, 10.000 and 30.000 ) and have stripped lead ends.

ON-405 and ON-406 are only available with a resistance of 2252  and the lead wires are terminated with a jack type connector (suitable for some types of OMEGA instruments).

Maximum temperature is 75°C or 100°C depending on the model.

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.