Self-Adhesive Fast Response Surface Thermocouples (Pack of 5)

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OMEGA Engineering

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Thermocouple Calibration (accredited, 100-1100°C)


Patented Spool Caddy. Self Adhesive Backing for Easy Installation. Better Than 0.3 Second Response Time. 1 m, 2 m or 3 m Color-Coded PFA Insulated Leads. Rated to 175°C Long Term. Available in J, K, T, and E Calibrations. More

OMEGA’s self-adhesive thermocouple temperature sensors have now been expanded to include the popular miniature connector with our patented spool caddy. The spool caddy provides a convenient way to store the thermocouple wire that is not needed for the application.


Thermocouple Calibrations: J (Iron-Constantan), K (CHROMEGA™-ALOMEGA™), T (Copper Constantan), E (CHROMEGA™-Constantan)
Adhesive: Silicon based cement
Maximum Temperature: 175°C continuous
Minimum Temperature: -60°C continuous
Pad Dimensions: 25 L x 19 W x 0.3 mm
Laminates: High temperature polymer, and fibreglass reinforced polymer layers
Wire: 0.25mm diameter conductors with PFA insulation

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.