Thermocouple Temperature Profile Probes

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4,8 mm (3/16")


Multipoint Thermocouple Probes with 3, 6, & 10 Sensing Points. Lengths 45 cm and 90 cm, Diameter 4,8 mm. Stranded Individual Leads, 24 AWG, 1 m Long. 316SS Sheaths. J, K, T, and E Calibrations. Individual Thermocouple Terminations Labeled for Easy Identification. Maximum temperature depending on probe diameter. More

Profile probes consist of several smaller diameter thermocouples placed inside a single outer sheath. They are best suited for profiling the temperature at various points along a single axis. They can be used in many different applications: furnaces, reactors, heat exchangers, air ducts, and more. Mounting these multipoint probes with compression fittings permit easy adjustment of insertion position.

Standard Versions

OMEGA now stocks several different versions of Multipoint Thermocouple Probes probes for off-the-shelf delivery. Stocked probes come in a variety of lengths, calibrations, and sensing point configurations.

Custom Versions

Multipoint Profile Probes designed to your exact needs are, of course, also available. Pick your own spacing between temperature points, number of sensing points, diameter, sheath material, thermocouple calibration and termination style.

Smaller diameter Profile Probes mean faster response times. The minimum diameter of profile probe is dependent upon maximum temperature you want monitor and number of sensing points desired. Sketch your probe on the downloadable PDF spec sheet under "Download" section and fax or email it to us.

Complete informations can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.