Universal Process and Temperature Calibrator

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DIN Thermocouples J, K, N, R, S, T, B, E. RTD Simulator -200 to 850ºC. Resistance Range up to 3kOhm. Current Output 0-22 mA, Source/Sink. Voltage Output 0-25 V. mV Outputs 0-27 mV and 0-540 mV. Multimeter ±2V to ±200V DC and 0-100 mA. Measurements of fast Transients. Datalogger Function, Model OC505-D. More

Model OC505 is a hand-held Calibrator-Multimeter for the generation of currents 0-22 mA in Source or Sink Mode and voltages 0-25 Vdc. External voltages ±2 V, ±20 V and ±200 Vdc (selected ranges or auto range) and currents of up to 100 mA can be measured simultaneously with the generated calibrating signals.

Further functions are the generation of mV-Signals, the simulation of DIN-Thermocouples, the generation of Resistances and RTD Temperature Sensors. Up to eight fast input signals -Transients- can be measured, memorized and shown on the display as graphics or uploaded to a PC.

OC505-D is a Calibrator-Multimeter with a Datalogger Function. The generated calibrator signal and the measured signal at the multimeter input will be stored as tables with date and time added. The interval is selectable from 2sec. to 24h. The data can be transferred to a PC, shown as tables and handled under Windows. Supporting SoftManager permits the communication with Windows. Software supplied separately, product code OC505-SOFT, see configurator above.


  • mV Voltages 0-27 mV or 0-540 mV for calibration of strain gauges amplifiers, transmitters and small signal instruments. The output voltage can be resolved up to 0.001 mV.
  • Thermocouples J, K, N, R, S, T, B, and E are simulated across the entire DIN ranges. The output is via T/C plug with automatic compensation of the junction. The compensation can be switched-off.
  • RTD Thermometers Pt-100, Pt-200, Pt-500, Pt-1000 and Ni-1000 are simulated and are at the output terminals as real resistors. The display shows the temperature values.
  • Resistance Source is a generator of real resistance values from 45 to 3000 Ohm with 0,5 Ohm resolution.
  • Transients: Eight memory slots are available for storing of fast signals at the multimeter input. Each transient can individually be shown at the LCD display as graphics. The data can also be transferred to a PC and by using the SoftManager shown as tables and graphics under Windows.


DC-A 0-22 mA Source or Sink, Resolution 0.001mA
DC-V 0-25 V Resolution 0.001V
mV Outputs 0-27 mV Resolution 0.001mV
0-540mV Resolution 0.01mV

Thermocouples (According to ITS 90): -270°C up to: J (1200°C), K (1370°C), N (1300°C), R (1760°C), S (1760°C), T (400°C), B (1820°C), E (1000°C)
RTD Thermometer: Pt-100, 200, 500, Pt-1000 range -200°C to 850°C; Ni-1000 range -60°C to 170°C
Resistors: 45 Ohm to 3000 Ohm, Resolution 0.5 Ohm

Process: DC-V, DC-I ±0.05% from value + 0.1% from range
Thermocouples: ±0.3 to 2.5°C
RTD: ±0.2% from value + 1°C
Ohm Source: ±0.2% from value + 0.5 Ohm
Temp. Coefficient: ±25ppm/K

Value Selection:
Direct entry: From the keypad, 5-Digit resolution
Steps: Freely selectable, rising or falling
Ramps: Raising or falling ramps with selectable steps

Complete specifications can be found in the spec sheet (PDF), see the "Download" section.