Thermowells and Heads for Industrial Thermocouples

Protective thermowells, stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, teflon coated, ceramic and others, metal and plastic protective heads, terminal blocks for heads and more

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Ceramic Thermocouple InsulatorsCeramic Thermocouple Insulators

Ceramic Thermocouple Insulators

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Ceramic Thermocouple Insulators Availables in a Wide Range of Sizes. Single Hole, Two Hole and Four Hole Insulators. Service Temperature up…

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How is Temperature Measured?

How is Temperature Measured?

Temperature can be measured via a diverse array of sensors. All of them infer temperature by sensing some change in a physical characteristic. Six types with which the engineer is likely to come into contact are: thermocouples, resistive temperature devices (RTDs Pt100 and thermistors), infrared radiators, bimetallic devices, liquid expansion devices, and change-of-state devices.

Choose the right temperature measurement instrument for your application...